Weekly Group Meeting

The meeting usually takes place in the room H at the Physics Department (ground floor, left hand corredor) at 3 pm.

Scheduled Talks:

  • 19 Mar: Suranjana Ghosh, Sub-Planck scale structures in a vibrating molecule in presence of decoherence

Here you can find and post proposals for the forthcoming meetings:

arxiv 0811.2942 Cooling carbon nanotubes to the phononic ground state with constant electron current

arxiv 0802.3980 A deeper insight into quantum state transfer from an information flux viewpoint

previous talks

  • 25 Nov: David Vitali, Introduction to quantum optomechanical systems
  • 2 Dec: Giacomo Ciaramicoli, An introduction to the Hubbard model
  • 9 Dec: Oleg Pilyavets, Transmission characteristics of lossy bosonic memory channel
  • 16 Dec: Rupesh Kumar, presentation of the research activity
  • 13 Gen: Andrea Vinante, High sensitivity displacement sensing and feedback-cooling in the AURIGA gravitational wave detector
  • 20 Gen: Cosmo Lupo, Environment-Assisted Quantum Transport, arXiv: 0805.2741, 0806.4725, 0807.0929, Nature 446, 782
  • 27 Gen: Sajeev Damodarakurup, Decoherence Control on Photon Qubits
  • 4 Feb: Carlo Cafaro, From Statistical Inference and Information Geometry to Chaos
  • 12 Mar: Cosmo Lupo, Something on Quantum State Estimation